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What is the best wood for your wood stove?

Quel est le meilleur bois pour votre poêle a bois ?
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Wood has been the natural choice of fuel for domestic fires since its first use several millennia ago. Nowadays, we are able to distinguish the best wood and fuel for our homes.

Using a wood stove To heat your home, you no longer become dependent on energy services such as electricity or fuel oil. You can go cut your own wood to heat yourself in winter! 


Do you know the difference between hardwood and softwood? Hardwoods are broad-leaved hardwoods, such as beech and elm, while softwoods are conifers, including cedar and fir.

When it comes to burning wood in a wood stove, hardwood is better than softwood because it burns more slowly. The density of softwood is also about half that of hardwood, resulting in twice as fast burning, which means you'll need twice as much!


No matter what type of wood you choose for your wood stove, it is important that the wood is dried before burning it. Wood that has not been seasoned wastes much of the energy created when it is burned by removing water from the log and producing steam.

Fresh wood contains a high amount of water between 65 and 90%, varying depending on the species. We recommend that wood be seasoned for at least a year, or preferably two before burning.

You can dry your own wood at a wood store or, if you don't have the facilities, make sure you buy seasoned wood from your supplier. The best kiln-dried wood has a moisture content of less than 20%.


Here are some recommendations so that you can best choose the wood that suits you:

  • Apple - Burns slowly with a small flame size and produces a pleasant scent.
  • Ash - Considered the best wood to burn; it produces a regular flame and high heat production.
  • Beech - Burns similar to ash.
  • Birch - Produces high heat but can burn quite quickly.
  • Hawthorn - A traditional firewood with slow combustion and high heat production.
  • Chestnut tree - This wood burns well in wood stoves because it can spit. It produces a good flame and strong heat output.
  • Oak - The density of the wood produces a small flame and very slow combustion.
  • Robinia - A good burning wood with slow combustion and high heat production. Can produce acrid smoke, but if using a stove this is obviously not a problem.
  • Thorn - A regular flame and very strong heat released without giving off too much smoke.

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