Chronopost / La Poste SMS scam and customs fees: do not open these messages!

Arnaque aux SMS Chronopost / La Poste et frais de douane : n’ouvrez pas ces messages !

Parcel and customs fee scams continue to multiply. Latest “exploit” on the part of the hackers: pretending to be Chronopost and asking the victim to enter all their details in order to empty their bank account.

SMS phishing attempts are not a new phenomenon. While parcel scams are rife these days, scammers usually pose as carriers like DHL, UPS or GLS. But some of our customers have sent us messages received by SMS concerning Chronopost, La Poste.

By clicking on the links, we realize that they do not lead to the official sites of the post office or Chonopost. The site, however, looks like two drops of water, but the URL is not identical and above all, no button on the site is clickable (that is to say you cannot consult the menu of the site, nor the legal notices etc...) when you click on it, nothing happens.

They generally have the habit of adding a prefix or suffix to the address. For example '' or ''.

Here is an example of an email trying to scam you, it asks you to call a number up to 5 times (surcharge). No delivery service will ask you this kind of thing!

Beware of the Chronopost scam which is currently rampant! - SOSPC


Anything that is not on the official sites, etc... ARE MAINLY SCAMS!

Even if you find yourself facing a page that looks very similar to the codes used by the carrier: color code, logo reproduced identically [...]

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

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